Fashion Gifts for Mom!

pizap.com14295878082541Fashions for MomMoms like fashions, too, so why not head on over to my e-store and pick out some great fashion gifts for her. Tonight would be great as the 20% off a $50 purchase has been extended through midnight tonight 4.30.15! Use CODE INVITE20 at checkout and you’ll also get FREE SHIPPING right to your door. DIRECT DELIVERY ONLY *The sitewide discount does not apply to Avon auto-plenish products*

Placing An Early Order For Campaign 10 on April 29th!

LOCAL CUSTOMERS WHO HAVE REPRESENTIVE DELIVERY ONLY: My regular Campaign 10 order goes in on Sunday May 3rd, however, I WILL be placing an EARLY ORDER tomorrow–April 29th. Please let me know if you would like to place your order EARLY this time!!! Text me your order including brochure number (I can order from Campaign 8, 9 & 10 this time) as well as page number, item number and how many of each to 918-214-1701. If you prefer, you may email your order to Thanks so much. ~Mikaela

pizap.com14302526774141 Early c10 order

Mother’s Day Gifts of Fragrance

Mother’s Day is May 10th. Fragrance gift sets for Mom. The  Haiku 3-piece Fragrance Set (bottom right in this pic)  is available ONLINE ONLY all other sets are available for order from Mikaela Your Avon Lady. You can also order on my e-store

pizap.com14302718813502 3RD TIME FRAGRANCE FLYER

Looking ahead to Gifts for Dad!

Want to get a head start on Gifts for Dad? Your Avon Lady is here to help–Father’s Day is June 21st this year.  I will post more ideas as Father’s Day gets closer. You can count on Mikaela Your Avon Lady to keep you updated on the latest gifts. These gifts will be available to order beginning June 1st in Campaign 12. Ask me for a brochure 918-214-1701.pizap.com14301851842581


The Newest Edition to The Men’s Fragrance Line: ALPHA

INTRODUCING ALPHA the latest edition to Avon’s  Fragrance Line for Men, available in time for Father’s Day gift giving. Be sure to check with Mikaela your fave Avon Lady at 918-214-1701 to order the Alpha Collection–Eau de Toilette. Hair & Body Wash. After Shave Conditioner for gift giving. The Alpha Collection introductory price will be 22.24 (plus tax). Regular price will be 32.50. For local customers please text me you would like a sample. ALPHA will be coming out in Campaign 12.

pizap.com14300992138161Alpha Men's

My Two Favorite Avon Bags!

My two fave Avon bags

What Avon or mark. bag is your favorite ?(of course you can have more than one favorite!) These are my faves. Shop for Avon and mark. handbags here|T_handbags Place a $50 order and get 20% off  use code AVONFB20. FREE SHIPPING with your $40 order. Then share a pic of your new bag here!