Beauty Lovers Wanted!

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Avon placed a job opening online for an anonymous company looking for beauty lovers. And then we told them who we are. We asked them if they wanted to become Avon Independent Sales Reps and they decided to make beauty their business! #AvonRep Watch this YouTube video: Beauty Lovers Wanted To join my team call me at 918-214-1701 or to sign up online go here The Avon Opportunity–Join my team

Check out this Eyeliner Tutorial with Celebrity Makeup Artist Kelsey Deenihan!

Want to create a dramatic cat eye look? Watch this mark.girl YouTube video with Celebrity Makeup Artist Kelsey Deenihan

Celebrity Makeup Artist Kelsey Deenihan shows you how to create a soft and flirty winged eyeliner look and a dramatic cat eye look using the mark. What A Line Max Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner (with mark. brand ambassador Lucy Hale)

To create the winged eyeliner flick, start with a liquid liner on the top lash line, making dots and dashes and connecting them to create a precise line. Once you get the the outside corner of the eye, follow the shape of the lower lash line to create a small flick up towards the eyebrow. Next, draw a triangle from the outer flick and connect it to the line across the top lash line. To get a more dramatic cat eye, simply build on your original line using a precise liquid liner.

Skin Care: Anew Clinical Skinvincible

Anew Skinvincible

Did you know that sunlight and pollution can contribute to signs of aging? Avon has the antidote! Our ANEW Clinical Skinvincible Multi Shield Lotion protects skin from the sun by day and our ANEW Clinical Skinvincible Deep Recovery Cream repairs visible age damage by night. ‪#‎ANEWyou‬

Hows does Anew Clinical Skinvincible fit into your Skin Care regimen? Watch this video with Dr. Cheryl Karcher Dermatologist & Professional Consultant for Avon Products, Inc.  here: to learn more. #skincareexpert

2000 Years Of Anti-Aging Treatments!

stop the madness

Watching this video makes me so glad that I live in this present time with all the advances in skin care. I am constantly amazed at what the scientists at Avon Products lab come up with to make Anew Skin Care better. Now that I have taken the Skin Care Clinic I am more aware of some of the processes that our skin care products go through before we bring them for you to use to help your skin. Please watch this video  2000 years of anti aging treatments then comment below on your thoughts.